HS411: changes to the specialized high school admissions system

Last year the Mayor decided he was going to up the number of specialized high school seats provided to the Discovery Program, which has been in place for years and gives economically disadvantaged kids who just missed the SHSAT cut off a chance to attend a summer program before 9th grade and get a seat at a specialized school. Generally 5% or so of seats were offered to kids that way, and for many years only Brooklyn Tech ran the program. Last year the Mayor expanded the number of seats to 20% and all specialized high schools must participate. Parents filed a lawsuit to fight the plan, as the Mayor not just upped the percentage of kids, but who was eligible to be considered. Yesterday there was a decision in the lawsuit and the Mayor’s plan is moving forward. 

For kids graduating 8th grade this year, 13% or so of seats will be held out. For your kids (if you’re currently a 7th grade parent), 20% of seats will be held out. That will drive up cut off scores, as less seats will be available.

This article does a great job explaining the changes and what’s happening:


And for those who are interested in digging deeper, here’s the court decision: