a bit of background about myschools.nyc

Last year the DOE introduced My Schools, an online option to apply to high schools and register for the SHSAT/LaGuardia auditions:


The roll out was a mess, no instructions were shared, and there were significant glitches all over the place. I’m hoping they spend the off season cleaning things up and 2019 will be better. 
Having said that, I’m wondering if current 7th grade families have gotten log on info yet. You’ll need initial info from your guidance counselor to get started. For private school families you can get info from your guidance counselor or a DOE family welcome center. In fact, EVERYONE can get that info from family welcome centers. Last year many parents got info and onto the site before guidance counselors even knew the system was up and running. Click the link below to find a family welcome center:


Some quick notes:
This is different from MY STUDENT, which keeps track of test scores, grades, and attendance. MY STUDENT and MY SCHOOLS were NOT LINKED last year and information wasn’t necessarily the same in both. You HAVE to make sure info is correct in each system.

Until last year applications were paper. Middle schools would send home an application form with your child’s information, you’d list up to 12 schools in order of preference, and your child would turn it back in. Last year that changed. Some schools still required families to submit paper applications. Others wouldn’t take paper applications and required families to apply online. Some others allowed either/or. Every middle school handled things differently. Application submission is definitely something you should be informed about.

Until last year kids would let guidance counselors know about taking the SHSAT/audition for LaGuardia and kids were issued tickets for either/both. Last year process was available on MySchools and the onus was on families to both sign up and make sure they printed admission tickets. Good to check with your middle school to see how they’re handing this as well.
I’ll keep writing about this as the process progressed, but wanted to give a head’s up that if you’ve gone through this before, things have changed. And, since the system is still so new the more info you have now, the better. 

One ask: I don’t have a child going through the process so I don’t have access to MySchools. If a family out there would be willing to share their log on info, I’d be grateful and would also help you navigate. Let me know.