BARD MANHATTAN spring open house info

Bard Manhattan’s spring open house is happening on May 2. For this one, you HAVE to sign up. They’re saying sign ups will go live on April 17 at 10am:

Actually, the website says on or after April 17 - I’m thinking that’s because their website has crashed in the past as so many people try to get into this tour.

Some thoughts:

It’s great to see schools in the spring so you have less on your plate in the fall, when things can get overwhelmingly busy.

Bards (Manhattan and Queens) are NOT for everyone. These are rigorous schools that pack 4 years of high school into 2 and then kids take college courses their junior and senior years. Great fit for some kids, but not for all. Both my kids went to the open house and had zero desire to have an abbreviated high school academic experience. 

Bard Queens is part of the Mayor’s Diversity in Admissions program. This year they’re holding 63% of their seats for kids who are eligible for free/reduced lunch. It’s likely they’ll continue to be a part of this program going forward. 

Bard Manhattan open houses are notoriously challenging to score a spot at. You generally need to be at your computer/screen before 10am the morning they go live. Tickets usually sell out in less than five minutes. 

Bard Manhattan has ONE open house in the spring. They host more events in the fall. Some years they do open houses along with student led tours. Other years it’s only open houses. 

Both Bard give an admissions exam. Anyone can take the exam - sign ups will be available in the fall. They call some kids back for an interview. From past experience Bard Queens is much better at grading exams and getting back in touch with families. You can take the assessment at EITHER location - doesn’t affect how either school rank your child. And, you can rank BOTH Bards on your application next fall.

As the season unfolds I’ll be sending out more info about these schools and how their set ups work, but for now, if you’re interested in Bard Manhattan, pencil these dates in.