Bard Manhattan open house sign up reminder - Wednesday, 4/17

Bard Manhattan Spring Open House sign ups go live on April 17 at 10am (or so):

The Open House is on May 2, from 5:30-7pm.

In the past Bard Manhattan open houses sell out in a couple of minutes. If you don’t make it to this open house, they offer more in the fall. And, you can always check out a tour/open house at Bard Queens. Both schools have the same set up and both say you can tour at either one and get a solid sense of what both schools are about. 

NOTE: Bard Queens is part of Diversity in Admissions and holds out a significant number of seats for economically disadvantage students.
Also, this is more for the fall but good to keep in mind: both Bards do additional testing as part of their screens. After tests are scored some kids are invited back for an interview. This timing gets messy and it’s smarter to do the testing earlier in the fall so you’ll know if you get called back for an interview before applications are due. Bard Queens, in the past, has done a better job of staying on top of things. Bard Manhattan has interviewed kids well into January, long past when applications are due back to the DOE (beginning of December).

Lastly, Bards teach required high school basic in the first two years and then kids take college classes the next two years. Those college credits are accepted at Bard College and SUNY/CUNYs but generally not at most private schools.