quick reminder about Bard Manhattan open house sign up tomorrow and more

Tomorrow at 10am or so, Bard Manhattan Spring open house sign ups go live. You can find more info here:


and you’ll be able to sign up HERE:


Note that the FIRST listing is for a special ed info session taking place at 4:30pm on 5/2 - the second is for the open house which is happening at 5:30pm the same day.

In the past they’ve asked for your child’s OSIS number - if you know it, have it on hand. Private schools families don’t worry about this - you don’t have one. AND, in the past many families mistakenly signed up for only one person. Take a moment and make sure you’re signing up for the correct amount of people. 

Some other thoughts:

Bard will have another open house (perhaps several) in the fall. 

This sells out super fast - be at your screen a couple of minutes before 10am if you really want to see this school.

The curriculum at Bard Manhattan and Bard Queens is the same. You can always go to a Queens open house/tour, which you DO NOT have to sign up for, to get info about how the schools work and what your kids can expect. 

The Bards aren’t for everyone. They consolidate high school required courses into 2 years and then the next 2 are college classes. They DO NOT offer AP classes. Bard college classes are accepted at Bard College and at SUNY/CUNY’s. Most private schools don’t accept them for credit. 

Bard Queens is part of Diversity in Admissions and it was harder to get a seat there last year.

Both Bards are open to all NYC students.