Bard aftermath, a word about signing up, and a note about MURROW for Brooklyn families

I’ve heard that the Bard Manhattan open house wasn’t taking anymore reservations by 40 seconds after 10. That’s a new record in my unofficial tracking. I’ve heard some of you got spots but that many others didn’t - totally frustrating. 

As I’ve said, and will keep mentioning, every school handles the high school process differently. Bard Manhattan checks you in when you show up for their tour and they’ve asked for ID in the past, to make sure people aren’t using someone else’s reservation. Last year Bard Manhattan hosted several open houses in the fall and they didn’t all sell out in seconds - in fact days after they went live there were still some spots.

Some schools, like Bard Manhattan, announce when signs will go live in advance, so you know to be aware. They switched to eventbrite last year after their website crashed every sign up day. Other schools post info with no advance warning, to try and avoid that crush of families all trying to sign up at the same time. There have even been some posting misinformation and I’m not sure whether or not it was intentional. 

I do my best to get info out to families ASAP so you know when something’s happening. If you hear of anything, please let me know so I can check things out—things change every year. 

BROOKLYN FAMILIES: Murrow hosts both tours and open houses. The tours sell out faster than the Bard Manhattan open house - they’re limited to 30 or so people and sign ups times aren’t posted in advance. That’s one you need to monitor for yourselves, as by the time I get info out, they’re already full.