building a High School 411 community - YES OR NO

High School 411 started as an open email list of people sharing information about the high school process. Families who’ve been with me before know that it was great to share info, feedback on tours and more, building a consensus and community. But, it was also frustrating, especially as more people signed up and reply all’s meant that important information was getting lost in the shuffle—things can get pretty intense in the fall as there is A LOT going on, sometimes all at the same time.

I tried a closed Facebook group for a couple of years but many HS411 members don’t use Facebook and I wasn’t a fan of hosting a forum not everyone could participate in. 

So, I’m proposing a SEPARATE google group for anyone who wants to share information in a more open way. This would be IN ADDITION TO the google group you’re already a part of in which you get emails from me but can’t respond to everyone else. I know some people want to be in touch with other parents and some only want straight up info. This could be a solid solution for both, creating a forum with some families along with straight up real time updates on what’s going on for everyone.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you’d like to be part of this separate, more back and forth sharing group. I’ll set it up, monitor, and can certainly answer questions there. If important stuff comes up I’ll share with the whole group so everyone is informed. 

If I hear from 10 of you I’ll get this going ASAP.