some more thoughts about Brooklyn Latin and touring

Whenever an offering goes live I do my best to get into out ASAP so people have an opportunity to sign up before things sell out, but I generally follow up with more info. Some of this you may know already.

So, some quick notes about the school:

  • Brooklyn Latin is one of the 8 specialized high schools where the only thing they look at is the SHSAT (specialized high school admissions test). 

  • Latin has the lowest SHSAT cut off score. 

  • It’s an international baccalaureate program.

  • It’s in a building with another school.

  • Uniforms are required. 

  • They host more tours AND an open house in the fall. NOTE: 7th grade attendance is key and if you pull your child out to go on one of these tours, it’ll count as a lateness. There are no excuses for school tours. 

  • It’s becoming more common for kids to get a specialized offer but NO main round seat and so (and this goes for all specialized schools), if you’d be fine with your child attending Brooklyn Latin, for sure put it on your specialized application. But if you’re using it as a safety net, know that it might be your only offer.