year to year changes to the high school process

I went through the high school process with my daughter 7 years ago and my son 4 years ago - it seemed to be a messy and chaotic but pretty well oiled machine with very little changing between those two cycles. Since then, there have been both small and significant changes every year. But this past cycle saw so many changes that if you’ve been through this before, or even have heard about how things work from friends, the landscape is shifting.

These are changes that happened in the last cycle, starting last spring/summer to last week (the last entry):

  • Beacon dropped interview, published ranking rubric online

  • No more citywide high school fairs

  • State test scores released end of September instead of mid August (this was hopefully a one year aberration)

  • Bard Queens dropped open house sign ups

  • MySchools launched, letting families sign up for the SHSAT and apply to schools online

  • Not all middle schools accepted paper high school applications

  • Up to 20% of seats at specialized high school will be held out for Discovery program students

  • Diversity initiative expanded

  • DOE redesigned website

  • New chancellor

  • LaG drops call backs except for dance

  • Millenium Manhattan changed second screen to all NYC from Manhattan

  • Application due date pushed back from 12/3 to 12/14

  • Students can appeal to ANY school, not just ones they hadn’t applied to yet

The challenge in this is that the DOE isn’t good about sharing information. The info below was gleaned from press releases, guidance departments, parents who shared info from their middle schools, individual high school websites, local newspaper articles. As the season kicks in if you hear about any changes, please let me know and I’ll check things out.