personal thoughts on individual classes and/or school focus

Jack, my soon to be Brooklyn Tech grad, is finishing up a project for his creative writing class. He has to make a comic book, which he’s been saying is remarkably like work he had in 6th grade. Creative writing wasn’t what he was hoping it would be. He had thought about taking AP literature, but already had 3 Apps in his schedule, would have needed permission to take on a fourth, and with college stuff going on decided to try this different English class.

A parent recently asked me about creative writing classes and programs at different high schools—I shared this with them and thought I’d share with you too: it all depends. It all depends on whether schools choose to offer creative writing classes (they’re not part of a mandatory curriculum). It depends on the teacher and what/how they teach. It depends on the projects, the focus, even the other kids if there are group endeavors. 

When researching and looking at schools, some people focus on particulars like a strong robotics department, sports teams, creative writing, etc. While that can be helpful in some ways, it can also narrow your searches too much. And it’s good to keep in mind that who your kid is now isn’t who they’re going to be for the entire high school experience. And, as things at individual schools change, there are no guarantees what you’re seeing now is exactly what will be offered during the next 4 years.