SHSAT and high school fair dates

I’m thinking, with the new mini high school directory, it might be more challenging to get info (actually I know that already).

The mini HS directory is NOT online, but the specialized high school directory IS. You can find it here:

Below is a screen shot from that online directory with SHSAT dates for the fall. Last year many parents signed kids up for the SHSAT on the MySchools site - some schools preferred to go through guidance, others handed the responsibility over to families. Not sure how things will pan out this year but the goal is (or at least was) to take guidance out of the application process and put the onus on families.


PLUS, the dates of the borough wide high school fairs (they nixed the big citywide Brooklyn Tech fair last year) are:

September 21-22 and October 5-6

This info will be posted in the IMPORTANT DATES section and on the calendar on the HS411 website.