quick notes about final grades

UPDATE: Last fall MySchools initially launched and so grades weren’t available there until September, as it wasn’t live before then. This year, who knows. I’ve heard from families who already see 7th grade grades posted but most haven’t. I would have thought, as this is a citywide system, things would go live at the same time but apparently not. You might check in with your middle school principal over the summer - they’re in their buildings all year - to get school specific posting info.

Now that the school year is over and you’ve got final report cards, make sure those grades are correct and keep in mind you’ll want to make sure that info matches what will be posted on the MySchools website. Also note that even though ALL grades are posted in MySchools, ONLY math, science, social studies, and ELA count in high school admissions rubrics.

Last year state test scores weren’t posted in MySchools, they were only available at the MyStudent site. But, there are spots available for them on MySchools, so perhaps this year all info will be in one place.