some quick thoughts about offers

I just heard from a parent who heard about some kids who last year had terrific stats and didn't get good offers so I thought I’d put some info out there before the process heats up.

In the past generally between 8 and 10% of kids didn't get offers in the main round. Whether they didn’t rank appropriately, or they somehow fell through the cracks, it happened. Last year the DOE decided that every kid would get an offer in the main round, even if it wasn’t a school that they had listed on their application. So, if you’re hearing about kids who ended up at schools they didn’t apply to, that’s why. 

That’s part of the issue. Another part is that many, many, MANY kids want to go to the same handful of schools — there isn’t enough room for all those kids, no matter how qualified they are. Plus, the Diversity Initiative was introduced and some schools are holding out a large percentage of their seats to economically disadvantaged students. That’s impacting offers as well. 

Last year the DOE introduced the new MySchools website, where students had the opportunity to apply themselves and not go through guidance departments. The company who developed the site also redesigned the DOE website —there were glitches and kinks in both. No one’s saying how that affected the admissions process (except for the 2 week extension in December to submit applications), but I heard about wrong data being in the system, issues with IEPs, and more. 

I’m wondering if you have access yet to MySchools. Please let me know if you do. I’d STRONGLY suggest you stay on top of things and make sure your child’s info is correct.