a bit more info about what Ed Opt actually is and why a designation matters

Just want to make sure that everyone understand what Ed Opt is and why that HIGH MIDDLE LOW designation matters.

Below is a screen grab of a graphic from the HS411 handbook, showing all admissions methods to public high schools. One admissions method is called Educational Opportunity or Ed Opt. That system is meant to create a student body of all different types of learners. Kids are sorted by 7th grade ELA scores - for kids who don’t take the ELA grades are generally substituted. Offers to a school’s program are as follows:

50% of an incoming class at an Ed Opt school or program is chosen randomly from applicants, the other 50% is split between 16% HIGH, 64% MIDDLE, and 16% LOW scores on ELA. That’s where your child’s Ed Opt level matters.

Some schools like Quest and Harvest Collegiate are purely Ed Opt. Some schools have an Ed Opt section and then screened admissions as well like at Murrow and HS for Environmental Studies.

Again, the DOE knows that Ed Opt rankings aren’t right in MySchools and they will be fixing it eventually.

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