that Ed Opt thing and more info about this year's changes

Thanks to the parent who tipped me off to tonight’s Citywide Council on High School meeting where the DOE’s Chief Enrollment Officer gave a presentation on changes to high school admissions this go round. I took photos of the slides and will share those tomorrow, once I get everything in order and sort through my notes. Not all principals and guidance counselors have heard all this yet.

But I did want to share that the DOE is aware of that MIDDLE in the Ed Opt category that most people seem to have - it’s a mistake. They are now planning to notify guidance counselors and will ask them to share info with parents - they said everything should be fixed by end of October.

They also said that the application process officially starts at the beginning of October, which seems to answer the question why you can’t select any main round schools in MySchools at the moment.

Stay tuned. I’ll share more info tomorrow.