IEPs, ICT, and SWD

I’ve been hearing some feedback about Brooklyn Tech and their ICT support, fielding some questions about SWD seats with this new Baruch/Lab change, asks about kids with new IEPs, and how this all works in general - hoping this email will clear up questions you have or didn’t realize you had yet.

To start: IEP stands for individualized education program, ICT is integrated co-teaching, and SWD stands for student with disabilities.

EVERY MAIN ROUND SCHOOL holds seats open for SWD students. You can look in MySchools, under Admissions Method and see how many SWD seats each school has. A screen shot of Beacon is below, so you can see how info is broken out. When this was put into place a few years ago it was supposed to be 17% of seats would go to SWD students. Those seats CANNOT be filled with GEN ED (general education) kids.

Schools should have separate admissions rubrics for for SWD kids. Most don’t publish them on line. ASK AT TOURS, AT FAIRS, EMAIL THE SCHOOLS. Here’s the deal though, an IEP doesn’t necessarily make you eligible for those seats. SWD seats are for kids with ICT status.

For ALL kids with IEPs, the onus is on you to make sure high schools can serve the needs of your kid. That’s another thing to ask when visiting. Some schools are better equipped for students who need different kinds of support. Not many post online what services and support they do offer.

Here are two examples. Murrow does a good job sharing what they offer:

At Eleanor Roosevelt they don’t post much:

I’ve heard from some families that Brooklyn Tech is touting itself as a place for ICT students. When I was on the SLT there 3 years ago, they were having trouble figuring out time accommodations for kids who had extra testing time. I see they recently added a special ed section to their website, but there are no dedicated ICT classes at any specialized school. If you look at their seat distribution, there are none held out for SWD kids as admissions is only based on the SHSAT. Yes, there are time accommodations when taking the test, but an IEP or ICT designation means nothing when offers are made.

If your child was newly diagnosed and doesn’t have an IEP yet, then their diagnosis won’t factor in to the admissions process. I’ve known families to appeal after offers were made when IEP/ICT issues were worked out with the DOE, to ensure their child would find a better fit school.

NOTE: In the new Baruch/Lab way of making offers, there’s a separate rubric for SWD kids. I would assume it will be a lottery as well for those kids.

To sum up, in an opaque process, SWD info can be even harder to find. The DOE website is devoid of almost anything concrete and certainly nothing school specific:

It’s up to you guys to advocate for your kids.

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