20 field test questions leaves 47 actual SHSAT questions and more info

My bad folks - it used to be 50 questions per subject on the SHSAT.

NOW each half (math/ELA) has 57 questions, 47 that count toward a final grade and 10 field test questions. So, if your kid gets 42/43 or so right on one half, questions answered correctly above that counts for more points in that half. As with many things regarding high school, this isn’t on the DOE website but they actually do address scoring in the new SHSAT handbook. Here’s the link and there are screenshots below:


Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 11.58.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 11.59.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 11.59.35 AM.png