SHSAT facts and thoughts

The SHSAT isn’t all that far away and I wanted to share some info.

For DOE SHSAT info, including test dates, the SHSAT handbook, and how to register, click here (dates are also below):

Some info about the test:

there are 114 questions, 57 math and 57 ELA

14 of those questions are field test questions and won’t count towards a final grade

your child won’t know which questions won’t count

there are different versions of the test given, to discourage cheating

all questions are not equal - once your child gets a certain number of questions right in a section (45 not counting field tests) right answers after that will rack up increasingly larger number of points. You might have heard kids should focus on their strength and that way - a kid who gets far more questions right on one half of the test will end up with a higher score than someone who has the same number of correct answers but those are equally split between math and ELA

Some info about taking the test:

there are morning and afternoon sessions on test days, generally 8am and 12pm start times

students no longer sit with kids they stood on line with, instead they’re split into different rooms as they enter buildings

kids can bring in water and a snack

Some suggestions:

an analog watch can help with time tracking - not all classrooms have working clocks (learned that first hand)

eat a solid meal beforehand

if you’re planning to meet your child afterwards, set up a meeting place beforehand

not all schools are organized equally well - let your kid know there might be some waiting involved and confusion (this has been at Brooklyn Tech in the past)

Some other stuff

up to 20% of seats will be held out for the Discovery Program

55 schools are giving the SHSAT during the school day this year

after registration closes on 10/10 you should be getting your date/time assignment in MySchools as well as an admissions ticket to print yourself and bring on test day

last year they had printers at the test sites in case you forgot your ticket, but there were printer issues and long lines

if you notice ANY ISSUES whatsoever beforehand, be in touch with your guidance counselor ASAP - there were mishaps with IEP kids and kids who no longer had IEPS but the system hadn’t been updated

you can contact the DOE to see your child’s test after the fact if you have any questions about the score

you’ll find out your child’s score and whether or not they were offered a specialized seat on your offer letter/info posted on MySchools

every specialized school hosts an open house in the spring for kids who had more than one offer so they can see the school again before making a decision

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