NYC iSchool online activity and November open house info

NYC iSchool has an online component as part of its admissions screen. They’re opening it up tomorrow:

They’re also hosting another open house in November. Sign ups will go live on October 7 at 6pm:

From MySchools (remember, the grades/test scores AREN’T their rubric, but are based on last year’s offers):

PRIORITY GROUPS: Open to New York City residents


General Education

36 Applications Per Seat

93 Seats

3326 Applicants

All Seats Filled

Students With Disabilities

14 Applications Per Seat

25 Seats

342 Applicants

All Seats Filled


As a screened program the school also considers factors:

  • Attendance

  • Punctuality

  • Course Grades: Average (87-100)

  • Standardized Test Scores: English Language Arts (3.1-4.5), Math (3.1-4.5)

  • Online Admissions Activity