The high school admissions process is different for every family— it’s usually different for different kids in the same family. There can be lots to think and talk about. 

PRICE: $240 an hour. We can talk for as little as 15 minutes to as long as 2 hours (or more, but that’s a lot of info to take in at one meeting). Meetings can be in person, over the phone, with FaceTime or Skype. Kids can absolutely be included or it can just be adults.

I meet/talk with families one on one, discussing thing like:

  • how the process works

  • how to get organized

  • how to find out information

  • how to look at schools, what to ask

  • how to put a list together

  • how to rank schools

  • whether specialized schools are a viable option

  • up to the minute changes to the public schools admissions system

  • and more

Please be in touch to find out more and/or to schedule a one on one consult:

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