talking about high school

When it comes to navigating NYC’s complicated and unwieldy public high school admissions process, families are left in the dark and on their own. While schools provide basic info, topics like test prep (when to start and what type of prep makes sense for your child and wallet), tours, open houses, interviews, auditions, portfolio submissions, sign-up procedures, website navigation, and more aren't covered in depth, or at all. Parents are left to fend for themselves, trying to find the best high school fit for their kids in a system that’s confusing, opaque and not always fair.

But, with High School 411 you’re not alone. You’ll get real-time updates and reminders about public school tours and deadlines, insider tips from people who've been through the process before with input like: questions to ask, options to consider, what needs to be done and when. You’ll have 24/7 access to a database of contact info, updated regularly with dates and locations of timely events. High School 411 is also a place to ask questions and gather information – it’s an online community of sharing ideas and feedback, led and moderated by Elissa Stein, a parent who’s been through this stressful and often overwhelming process twice with her own kids, and with close to 1000 families at this point. High School 411 is an invaluable and unique resource for support and information that makes a difference to both NYC families and kids.

what's included

  • High School 411 monitors many high school websites for you

  • Sends real time email alerts for tour sign ups

  • Hosts a private members only website section chock full of info with access from sign up through application submission for current 8th grade

  • Monitors a closed Facebook group for sharing info with other families

  • Provides reminders of events and touring tips

  • Suggests questions to ask, things to look out for

  • Shares input on testing and auditions

  • Ideas on how to help kids handle this overwhelming experience

  • Database of school contact info and event scheduling

  • Insider info from parents who’ve been through the process before and whose kids are students in NYC high schools

how it works

First, sign up! Click on the SIGN UP tab in the top toolbar.

Then pay the affordable fee of $200 which covers you from the first things-you-need-to-know-about emails through application submissions in December.

Log on to a members only section on this website with a comprehensive database of contact information for schools that families will be looking at,  continually updated with sign up, open house and tour dates.

Read your emails and check online! Once you’ve registered you'll get a password for our members only section. Besides accessing the database you'll be able to ask questions and participate in conversations about anything from what to ask on tours and how to engage your kids in the process, to timely facts and helpful reminders.

Engage. Ask questions. Share opinions. And rest assured, your child will get into high school.