Elissa Stein, Founder

When I was looking at high schools with my older child, I was lucky enough to be part of a parent-driven collective that shared info and experiences as the process evolved. Not having to go through it alone made a tremendous difference. The collaboration was such a boon I decided to spearhead a similar group when my younger son got to that point.

With a list of close to 200 people, the community we created made the experience far more manageable for those involved. Parents on my list knew about tours before 8th grade, where to meet kids after testing, how ranking systems worked, and much more. I got feedback on a regular basis like:

You are the best. You have no idea how grateful
I am that you have  organized this! - MM

Thanks! I cannot thank you enough for your
guidance and help!!!! Don’t know how I would
have done this without you. - EF

I know the next month and a half is going to be like running a sprint for the kids, but you've built a supportive community to get us all through. - GV


Thank you! What a wonderful idea. We can
use all the guidance we can get. - MJ

You are a powerhouse of a woman. How would I ever have negotiated this nightmare procedure without this list? With deep thanks and gratitude and awe. - PH

Now that I'm not I personally going through the process it's freed up time and energy to make this group even more well-rounded, informative and effective. The high school process is frustrating, overwhelming, time-consuming and daunting. But,  High School 411 will go far in demystifying, unifying, and supporting families on this journey.


Some More Info . . . 

As the parent of two NYC public school students - the elder now in college - I have  been PTA co-president at three different schools, have served on four executive boards and three SLT's. I write about education at Huffington Post and have worked to resolve inequities in Fair Student Funding in NYC. Along with that I'm a writer, an activist, a graphic designer, yogi,  kidney donor,  enthusiastic knitter, and  baker of too many brownies. CLICK HERE to read more.

Everyone was in 8th grade once.

Everyone was in 8th grade once.