helpful links

Aside from checking out schools themselves, there are plenty of ways for you to check out more info. The links below are terrific resources, but keep in mind that many of them are just parts of a larger picture - every school is multi-faceted and can be looked at in a variety of ways.


The Department of Education’s (DOE) website is a good place to start for information about the process:


The DOE’s High School Directory is the source of school facts (keep in mind, there have been known to be some errors in the book):


There’s a separate section with info about the specialized high schools


The DOE has a “happening next” event calendar on the high school home page:


There’s also the NYC School Finder at: which gives you info about specific schools you search for.


The DOE put together a School Performance site, that makes it easy to up up stats for each school:


You can look at DOE Quality Reports


You can check out individual school’s Fair Student Funding percentages at:


The DOE is expanding it’s Diversity in Admissions initiative:


Anecdotal Specialized High School Cut-off Scores:


Helpful and pretty realisitc school reviews (don’t get sucked into the comments):


Subscribe to the DOE Newsletters of your choice (the high school admissions one
can be helpful):

Stay connected with the DOE:

And, you can also be in touch DOE high school experts at: (718) 935-2399 or email